Nordix is a Technology Focused Company with a wide range of expertise in several technological fields. At its founding in 1991, Nordix started as a professional computer network supplier and service organization. Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, gave the Company access to the latest technology and positioning it minutes away from the largest IT and technology providers in the world.

Over the years, Nordix developed strong relationships with renowned suppliers around the world that allowed the Company to provide its customers with the latest technology with timely delivery and exceptional service.

The Company has the expertise to integrate and manage large-scale projects across several technological platforms. In addition, the Company has an unsurpassed experience in manufacturing in several fields and has relationships with top manufacturing companies worldwide.


In 2014, Nordix signed a licensing agreement with ViewSonic for the manufacture of ViewSonic-branded mobile devices and accessories. Nordix also has a licensing agreement with Polaroid for the design and manufacturing of a wide range of products including Computer and IT, Consumer Electronics and LED products and other technologies.


Computer Network Supplier - 28 years
Licensing & Manufacturing - 8 years
IT Infrastructure - 17 years
LED Lighting Technology - 14 years
System Integration & Project Management - 22 years
Turn-Key IT Services - 28 years